They Came to the Crossroads

They Came to the Crossroads

A new book published in the autumn which describes – The People Who Made Dunstable ‘They Came to the Crossroads’ navigates through 2,000 years of local events, looking at incomers and their influence on the town. From the Romans to present day, the strategic importance of the Crossroads has shaped the design, development and prosperity

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Refreshed Website

This is the new refreshed Toddington Countryside website. It has taken time to transfer all the information from the old website hopefully this will be easier to maintain going forward as I learn more about WordPress. As we move into spring/summer it is a great opportunity to get out and explore our beautiful local countryside

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2020 News Archive

Dec 2020 Fitted a new waymark post just into Tingrith parish, TIN6, by the M1.  And refixed the fallen waymark post on the eastern side of the M1 in Harlington Wood End. Nov 2020 Added two waymark posts on TOD13 on the path beyond Alma farm.  Also in Houghton Regis added two waymark posts on

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2019 News Archive

Dec 2019 Couple of sessions improving CHA25 beside the Chalgrave golf course to widen the usable width as the surface has been getting muddy. Nov 2019 Westoning WES15 and Harlington HAR2 over the river Flit is closed.  The bridge has been found to be dangerous so has to be closed until it can be replaced. 

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2018 News Archive

Dec 2018 Refreshed waymark discs on various sections of Icknield Way around Sundon/Sharpenhoe. Nov 2018 Over several weeks a group of volunteers from Flitwick P3 have been toiling away in Toddington at the path (TOD74) and bridleway (TOD99) near the parish boundary with Chalgrave Manor.  This is now a wide and clear path.  In recent

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