2020 News Archive

Dec 2020

Fitted a new waymark post just into Tingrith parish, TIN6, by the M1.  And refixed the fallen waymark post on the eastern side of the M1 in Harlington Wood End.

Nov 2020

Added two waymark posts on TOD13 on the path beyond Alma farm.  Also in Houghton Regis added two waymark posts on Icknield Way bridleway HRE49.

Tidy up around Alma farm on TODA4 and TOD8 improving signage and clearing vegetation.  Good to see so many walkers out in the sun.

Replaced WMP at Lodge farm (TOD22/TOD32), cleared vegetation from culvert.  Fitted a new post on path towards Tingrith (TIN3).

Installed a new waymark post on TOD11 beyond the showground field.  A path often walked on but difficult to see where the gate is in the hedge line.

October 2020

More cutting on the path from Luton Road to Chalgrave Church.  Done more cutting back ground vegetation and brambles smothering trees near the bridge.

The footbridge over the river Flit near A5120 linking Harlington and Harlington wood end has reopened.

September 2020

From Luton road through to Chalgrave Manor cut particularly around the bridge near the manor which had become very enclosed.  Several positive comments from walkers.  Continued up the hill.  More to go.

Beside Chalgrave Manor golf course have cut the path surface, as volunteers we have cut more of the width and some overhanging branches.

Cut back vegetation on each footpath on Long Lane.

We replaced the waymark post east of Griffin farm at junction of TOD43/44.

We had the first of this seasons cutting of encroaching vegetation on the path beside the golf course (CHA25).

The Flitwick footpath volunteers have replaced the bridge on TOD44, this is a little used dead-end path east of Griffin farm.  Thanks Ian and team.

August 2020

The Walking for Health (W4H) restarts on 1st September.  Details on W4H page.

The last stile at Herne Green farm has been replaced, which is great.  Five way mark posts have been fitted to aid keeping to the paths.  It means that the Lodge Farm and Monmouth Way walks are now stile free.

July 2020

Replaced further Icknield Way arms at various locations from Sewell Lane through to Hexton Road.  Remaining posts need to the replaced as the post itself has rusted away.  At each location there has been a need to clear the vegetation away from the signs.

Cleared vegetation from Common Lane to the tip access road (SUN21) – but left most of the blackberries!

A Ramblers volunteer group came to Toddington and cleared vegetation from path from Griffin farm towards Mill farm (TOD42).

June 2020

Started replacing Icknield Way Finger arms replacing the faded old flag signs at the roadside.  Ten signs done over two weekends with some 50 more to do.

Herne Green Farm have replaced 3 of 4 stiles (TOD29, TOD31, TOD32) with kissing gates which is fantastic.  The remaining one is due to be replaced, but requires a little further work.  That just leaves two other stiles in Toddington parish.

May 2020

Cleared a broken and dangerous stile on the path (CHL6) between Chalton and the Boundway making the path more accessible.  Also vegetation clearance at Redhills farm (TOD34).

CBC has advised that the replacement bridge over the river Flit in Harlington (HAR2/WES16) is built and awaiting Internal Drainage Bridge sign off and safe installation agreement with National Grid as the location is right under the 400kV pylons.  The bridge and path is still officially closed.

CBC has advised that they have sent the paperwork associated with the proposed Crowbush diversion (TOD58) to the Planning Inspector – hopefully resolution of this will remove the risk of enforcement action to open up the current legal line of the path through multiple gardens, which would cause significant disruption to the householders.

We cut the vegetation around Chalgrave church bridleway (CHA25) and the path beside the B5120 (CHA25).

Thanks to Allan Portas we refreshed the signage on the Lodge farm walk and trimmed bits of vegetation.  A lovely day for walk and the fields well marked out by Heathcote Farms.  We have now also replaced some information signs near the River Flit and Hipsey Spinney.

Apr 2020

In response to a few items on the Toddington Facebook pages.  Let me reinforce that Google maps is not a reliable source of the legal rights of way, do not trust the representation of a path on Google.  The link on the home page gives a reliable view of the legal routes.  Please remain on the legal routes.

The path (TOD21) from Park Road past the Manor towards Lodge farm does not connect to anything at Lodge farm. It is a dead end path.  This map located at Park road kissing gate gives detail.  The path is maintained to the final arable field, to avoid illegal access to Lodge farm this is not marked out across the last arable field.  Additional signage has been added to make this clear.  Toddington Manor is a private residence without any public access to the ponds or driveway.

As the weather improves even more people are taking advantage of the the local paths for their exercise which is fantastic.  When we have encountered others then social distancing has been evident, although it is unnatural and seems rude, it is necessary in these strange times.  But can I ask that walkers keep the the legal rights of way and not just walk on any field edge.  The farmers are busy recovering from our recent wet weather by replanting washed out crops and do not need walkers going everywhere.  Stay safe.

As part of our exercise routine we have been walking all the paths in Toddington, nearly done them all.  It has highlighted a few missing or broken waymark posts which I have listed so that they can be done when the lock down is reduced.  Using hand tools we have also been cutting back the ever growing vegetation.

The path from Kimberwell Close to Crowbush has been blocked.  This is not a legal route.  The legal route currently running through gardens is still subject to resolution, until that is resolved, there is nothing that can be done to force the reopening of the unofficial gap.  This is the unfortunate consequence of not resolving the legal route of TOD58 promptly.

Mar 2020

Great to see so many folk out walking in the last few days, with 30 miles of paths plenty of room for everyone.

Last few days of March been walking lots and tidied up bits of hedge and even trees fallen across paths.  Generally the paths are in very good condition.

Replaced three way mark posts on path (TOD91) down near junction 12.

Replaced three way mark posts on path (TOD19) near Herne Grange farm, south of the show ground field.

Feb 2020

Removal of a barrier and resurfacing happened on the path (TOD6) between Broughton Av and Manor road.  This is to assist with access for mobility scooters and buggies.