Clearance – June/July

Above is a path off Leighton road, on the Toddington/Chalgrave parish boundary. Driving past it recently I could not even see the finger post as the path was totally obstructed. Some clearance has revealed the post and the broken stile steps – so please take care

This is a permissive path, opposite CHA36 on Leighton road, which heads back to Toddington behind the roadside hedge. Many folk do not know that it exists, but it forms an essential link on the Chalgrave Heritage Trail.

CHA9 is a path that leaves Toddington road, Tebworth and follows the stream back to the Glebe in Toddington. I cleared the gap at the roadside, but on the right is the new deer fence for the solar farm that is being built. They have left a wide corridor for walkers. If everything goes to plan, we should gain a new permissive path on the field side parallel to the road to come out opposite CHA31, which will reduce the need to walk along this section of road where traffic does some high speed – such as the driver that passed me well over 60mph as I walked along the road

Third visit to Lodge farm (TOD32). We brush cut a path through the field from brick kiln through to the arboretum. This will encourage users to follow the same route, which in turn will help keep the route accessible

The next challenge is TOD99, the bridleway that goes from Luton Road, passes near Chalgrave Manor farm and up to Chalgrave Church. It forms part of the Icknield Way and a popular circular walking route from Toddington. This year has been particularly wet causing people to try various alternatives, which are not appropriate. So intention is to:

  • The photo shows the clearing back of encroaching vegetation on the bridge
  • Clearing the bridleway of tall vegetation allows the sun & wind to help dry the ground, allow the grass to regrow and for users to use the full width
  • Clearing the vegetation also allows to investigate the source of water and then how the problem can be resolved
  • Have also started to clear the old ditch on the uphill side, near the bridge where it appears spring water is emerging. Clearing the ditch should encourage the water into the stream rather than over the bridleway

This is going to take some time & effort…