The parish of Toddington and its surrounding parishes have a very fragmented bridleway network. A number of local folk have formed the Toddington Multi-Access Forum to work to improve the network. More information…


Toddington Riders Facebook group – Toddington District riders group is an active Facebook group for equestrians in the village

Lets Go has a section for rides in Bedfordshire, although in 202 it changed so not as good as once before

The Icknield Way page includes links to equestrian routes

Off-road cycling

Keen to hear from any equestrians or MTB in the village to determine where are good rides and where are there missing links in the public rights of way network.

In the meantime have a look at Icknield Way which provides access to long distance rides from the villages.

Lets Go has a section for rides in Bedfordshire, also look at the equestrian routes which are equally used by MTB

On road cycling

There is a an on-road 19 mile cycle route from Toddington to Woburn using quiet roads. Often see riders puffing up Park Road and Long Lane.  See CBC for Woburn Wander.

A number of local on road cycling routes are shown on plotaroute.

Historic Churches Ride

This route was posted by Tony in St Georges church for a 31 mile (48km) ride from Toddington visiting 13 local churches, starting at St Georges in Toddington. It is to support the Beds & Herts Historic Churches Trust  Bike ‘n Hike, please make a donation. An OS Map of the route is available from where a GPX file can be downloaded.

Beds & Herts Historic Churches Trust