What maps do I need?

Some may regard as ‘old school’ now, but Ordnance Survey maps are still an ideal way to find the local footpaths. 1:25,000 maps – No. 193, Luton & Stevenage and No. 192, Buckingham & Milton Keynes.  Toddington is mostly on 193, but the map boundary means that the west of Toddington parish is on 192.  Available from OS shop or local map retailers. The OS site has several map related games.

Dog fouling

Responsible owners do not allow their dogs to foul public places.  The are many dog bins and litter bins can also be used for disposal of bagged dog waste.  Leaving dog mess on the recreation grounds is particularly unpleasant for sports people, young and old, seeking to play football.  Fines can be imposed on irresponsible dog owners.  Read more on the CBC website.