Countryside locations on our doorstep…

Dropshort Marsh

Just south of the village off the Glebe recreation area is this rare marshland SSSI.  Easily accessed from the footpath running south from the Glebe or from the B5120.  See Chalgrave Heritage Trail walk which crosses the site.  More details on Wildlife Trust website.

Fancott Wood and Meadows

Traditional meadow and ancient woodland just south of the Fancott pub.  Not really easily accessible from the road.  Best way to access the site is from a bridge over the river Flit at the north of the site.  There is a 1mile circular walk [just about] marked out from the bridge.  This bridge is accessed from the footpath, see Cowbridge and Chalton walks which pass the bridge.  If using the Fancott pub, then it is possible to walk from the footpath immediately to the north of the pub entrance, along the side of the pub across the fields to the bridge over the River Flit.  More details on Wildlife Trust website.


The reserve has been created from ancient meadowland owned by John & Bridget Little, of Poplars Garden Centre, and adjacent woodland owned by Central Bedfordshire Council.  The two sites, which are backed by about 150 acres of farmland not being used for agriculture, contain a wide diversity of habitats.  Accessible from the garden centre during opening hours.  More details on Poplars website.

Sundon Quarry

The former Sundon Quarry is designated as Open Access – this gives free access to roaming by walkers.  The site is large, much of which is a SSSI.  Care must be taken of the steep drops of the former quarry faces and any bare chalk surfaces can be very slippery in wet weather.  Rescue can be difficult as this chap found.  Accessible from several footpaths crossing the site and the tip access road.  A really interesting place to explore as a recorded in 2007, disproportionally focused on the rusted vehicles too much, but they were strangely attractive!

  • Sundon Quarry - general view