2019 News Archive

Dec 2019

Couple of sessions improving CHA25 beside the Chalgrave golf course to widen the usable width as the surface has been getting muddy.

Nov 2019

Westoning WES15 and Harlington HAR2 over the river Flit is closed.  The bridge has been found to be dangerous so has to be closed until it can be replaced.  CBC closure details see entry for Westoning.

Replaced way mark post on TOD97 on the bridleway from Luton road towards Chalgrave Manor.

Replaced way mark post on TOD62 between Glebe and Dropshort Marsh.  Also removed fallen tree branch.

Oct 2019

Took a trip to Studham/Whipsnade to replace a way mark post on the Icknield Way.  Despite the rain the ground is still dry.

Clearance of encroaching hedges on Chalgrave/Toddington boundary, on CHA21, CHA8, TOD60.  Then TOD34, TOD91, TOD37.

Clearance of encroaching hedges on the Milton Bryant/Toddington boundary, on MBR16, TOD33, MBR16.  Admired the new bridges.

Clearance of encroaching vegetation In Chalton beside the sewage work on CHL46.  All in good condition.

The CBC Seasonal Vegetation Contractor (SVC) has done a really good job this year with all the SVC paths being well maintained.

Sept 2019

Further clearance at Chalgrave church (CHA2).

Flitwick P3 group returned to cut the paths at the Fancott, CHL16 – thanks again.

Aug 2019

The CBC contractor has completed a second (of three) cuts of of the RoW in the village.  The 2019 contractor has done a far better task than last years contractor.

Further clearance at Chalgrave church (CHA2) and the path beside the B5120

Jun 2019

The CBC contractor has cut the vegetation on certain paths in the village.  We have done some more cutting as a volunteers

Last year we cut the path along the stream in the Glebe (TOD62) as the brambles were taking over, we have just cut it again.  The aim is to maintain a width suitable for two people to walk side by side.

CBC are responsible for cutting the vegetation on various paths.  The contractor in 2018 was very poor.  A new contractor was employed in 2019, so hopefully it will be cut more thoroughly this year which should occur mid-June.  Update 23 Jun 2019 – contractor has visited Toddington.

Replaced two way mark posts, one at Herne Poplar (TOD9) and one at Griffin farm near Cowbridge farm (TOD43).

Apr 2019

We did minor cutting of fallen/dead branches on TOD61 near Stockwell farm.

CBC contractor has finally replaced the two bridges which had broken deck boards and cut back the overhanging trees on the path (TOD42) from Griffin farm down to Mill farm.

Mar 2019

We did a little cutting of three paths in the village, TOD34, TOD45, TOD62.  With the aim of keeping them wider and walkable this year.

The volunteers from Flitwick have completed the clearance in Chalton (CHL16), replaced waymark posts and altogether made the route walkable again.  It is now possible to follow the Chalton walk on the walks page again.  Thanks Ian and friends!

Feb 2019

Central Bedfordshire Council have published the notice (see Toddington BW & FP 58)  for the Crowbush farm to Kimberwell Close bridleway amendments.  Hopefully physical work will start soon.

Jan 2019

Replaced two waymark posts on the Toddington/Milton Bryan boundary (MBR16).  Making the Happyland walk easier to follow.

Cutting of rough grass and brambles near Chalgrave church (CHA2), and then further down the bridleway beside the golf course.