Chalgrave Boundary Walk – 14th May 2023

HRE15 – CHA44 new waymark post in Feb 2021

“Beat the bounds” of Chalgrave. On this one day of the year, we are allowed to walk the parts that are not rights of way.

We leave 10:00 sharp from outside The Queens Head, Tebworth. Stop for lunch at the Fancott pub around 12:30 and arrive back around 16:30

Tradition has it that we knock the children’s heads on the boundary stones to make them remember the boundary of the Parish

This will be a guided walk with information going back to 926AD. Not too strenuous but good walking gear advised.

Where the dyke shoots on to Watling Street, then along Watling Street till you come to the ford, then along the brook to the second ford. Then from the ford up to the spring and thence to the dell [small valley], and then from the dell to the dyke, and from the dyke to the second dyke to the brook and from the brook to Cynburg well. Then along the dyke to East Coten, thence to the Old Brook, and thence along the rithe [riddy or stream]. Then straight to the Highway and along the Highway to the dyke, and along the dyke to Watling Street

For info phone, mail, or text Ken Green on 01525874107 or 07984438151 or