They Came to the Crossroads

They Came to the Crossroads

A new book published in the autumn which describes – The People Who Made Dunstable ‘They Came to the Crossroads’ navigates through 2,000 years of local events, looking at incomers and their influence on the town. From the Romans to present day, the strategic importance of the Crossroads has shaped the design, development and prosperity

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Bike’n Hike

Each year there is a sponsored Bike’n Hike in support of Beds & Herts Historic Churches Trust. Have fun cycling or walking to churches and chapels in your area and at the same time raised funds for your church or chapel. This year’s is 9th Sept – although the actual date is not important! The

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Winter clearance

After many months of inaction due to some health issues, it was good to get out today and do some clearance. We went down along the river Flit beyond Cowbridge farm. The vegetation adjacent to the bridges are always seeking to engulf the bridge. Had particular impact on the middle bridge TOD46. Heathcote farms have

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