Winter path clearance

Spent time today clearing a section of path TOD34 – east of the M1 towards Redhill farm and TOD35 which joins the B5120 at M1 junction 12. Both bits that we have not cleared for a couple of years, and it shows. Also collected a large sack of litter. During this low growth period the litter is sadly quite obvious. It is a real shame how folk chuck cans, bottles and other litter out of vehicles – please take it home! TOD35 has been on the W4H walks in better weather, so this should make is possible again.

Then on Monday (22nd) had a clearance of TOD45 (near Cowbridge farm), it is a narrow path at the top of th bank beside the small sewage pumping station. The path has a steep slope covered by brambles and long grass, so the clearance is important to show where the slope starts. Also the vegetation behind the fence grows through and needs regularly cutting back to maintain the width.