More winter clearance

Something urban – over the past few months Tony & I have been clearing some paths in the churchyard. The grass edges of these paths have gradually extended over the tarmac. So cutting it back has revealed more of the path. The path shown is well used and it has been pleasant chatting to the many folk passing by. The picture demonstrates how the path has been widened by some 600m (two feet) to allow two people to walk side by side whereas previously it was single file. Always more to do, if you would like to join the regular working parties in the churchyard please make contact with St George’s church

Also done some more normal clearance at bridges on the Toddington/Milton Bryan parish boundary (MBR46 & MBR16) and Long Lane (TOD35). Took a stiff broom to clear the mud from the deck board ridges. When the board is continually wet, the board rots, so keeping the boards clear of debris allows them to dry out and survive longer before replacement.