Bike’n Hike

Each year there is a sponsored Bike’n Hike in support of Beds & Herts Historic Churches Trust. Have fun cycling or walking to churches and chapels in your area and at the same time raised funds for your church or chapel. This year’s is 9th Sept – although the actual date is not important!

The Bike’n Hike raises money through sponsorship and, by taking part, half the money you raise will go to church of your choice and the other half will go to the Beds and Herts Historic Churches Trust to offer grants for church repair projects. The historic buildings in our community need continual repair.

Chalgrave Church has recently received a grant to assist with repairing the chancel.

Chalgrave Chancel beam repair was completed the other week and it looked wonderful last Sunday with the spotlight highlighting the beautiful repair. All the scaffolding and supports in the chancel had been cleared away by Mick who carried out the work so efficiently and with great care. It was a delight to see the Chancel restored to its full beauty again. Sadly, we now await identification of the extent of the issue with the Nave beam and investigation of the other beams to make sure they are all secure and wholesome. In the meantime, we will hold our service in the Lady Chapel again this week.. which is rather cosy and lovely.

Message from Rev’d Linda Washington, Rector. 26th August 2023

Toddington St George’s has also had funding in recent years.

A Toddington parishioner has produced a road cycle route that visits many local churches from Toddington. Details of the ride route and more information about the Bike’n Hike are on the rides page. A number of the local walks pass many of our local churches.