Spring activities

We have managed to get out and replace this waymark post in the lest few days. It is on TOD60 beyond Crowbush from Toddington. The post fell down a while ago, but the old post has done over 15 years of service, the old post was installed by the Dr Long and his children as part of a scout activity on the north side of the bridge, but we installed this on the south so it is more visible. Eagle eyed will see the broken deck board, will try and get this fixed as soon as possible. (broken deck board replaced Sat 25 May)

The above clearance was at Redhill’s farm on the path from Toddington towards Westoning (TOD34). For various reasons, we have not cleared it for several years, and the vegetation and litter had taken over. A passing walker admired the work and we chatted about the how the wet warm weather has encouraged everything to grow. She continued her walk from Toddington to Westoning.

The vegetation on this kissing gate (TOD74) and the bridge of TOD97 were blocking the path, so clearing it back to make it easier to walk/ride. Also on gate the other side of Luton Road (TOD52) and the bridle gate at Old Park farm (TOD55) but no photos.

A couple of weeks ago had a go at the bridleway (CHA25) beside Chalgrave church. This is section that we have not cut for a couple of years, but we always try and cut back to the boundary to give as much width for walking/riding. Plenty more to do, and as Alan Portas always used to tell me – “there is one thing for certain, it will all grow back”! Which is particularly true with our current mild wet weather, but that is what makes the country a ‘green and pleasant land’.