Replace waymark post

Another waymark post replaced today. On the path from Toddington towards College farm, on the Toddington/Chalgrave parish boundary. Also cut back vegetation and refixed the handrail, although doubt that will stay fixed for long. The sleepers are all in good condition. Then went and checked a report of fallen tree on the path (CHA47) beside …

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Public rights of way aspirations

A local group of interested folk have met in recent months to review the local rights of way network. We have met under the banner of the Toddington Multi-Access Forum. Last week we met with Central Bedfordshire Council representatives and explained our goals. The group has developed an aspirational map of where we would like …

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More clearance

Something of a workout today – gloves, scythe and loppers and lots of nettles with encroaching vegetation. Pleased I started early before it got too hot. On the route from Lodge farm towards Toddington (TOD25). Part of the Lodge farm walk. The trigger was that next week part of the Bedfordshire walking festival will use …

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Dogs and Cattle

It is well know that dogs and cattle do not mix well. The cattle, are protective and inquisitive when dogs come near. A very sad event happened in April when cattle surrounded a lady walking her dog towards Luton road. The lady and dog were trampled by cattle. The local farmers and a passing cyclist …

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Gate Repaired – Toddington Park (TOD29)

The gate to the north of Toddington Park has been difficult to open/close for a while now. the new owners at Toddington Park have ensured that it is repaired and it is now working fine. It does not shut automatically so please shut the gate after you to keep the sheep in the field!