2017 News Archive

Sept 2017

Planning more clearance during the autumn/winter.  There are a number of waymark posts which need replacing around the village, ideal for anyone who likes digging holes.   If anyone would like to assist, then please contact me info@Toddington.Info.

Clearance work on paths to the east of Fancott:  TOD FP50, TOD FP46, TOD FP48, CHL FP2, TOD FP47

Aug 2017

The Befordshire Walking Festival is happening on 9th to 17th September.  Walks start across Bedfordshire, including Harlington.

The path under the M1 junction 12 (TOD FP34) was obstructed by travellers this month.  Thankfully they have moved on they have left an outragous volume of rubbish along the underpass.  A distressing video of the rubbish has been posted on youtube.

July 2017

Clearance work on the CHA FP47 beside the golf course and the B5120 and part of the Icknield Way path.

Presented and update to the Parish Council on local rights of way issues.  See document

The Bedfordshire Ramblers have worked on the path (CHL FP46) between the Chalton sewage works and the Sundon substation.  The work has become neccesary as Anglian Water has decided they are not able to continue cutting the path.  It has opened up the path at the southern end, but there is more to do at the northern end.

Jun 2017

Some vegatation clearance on TOD FP11.  The one rape field on the route was very difficult to cross.

Recieved official confirmationfrom CBC  of the addition of the footpath between Workhouse Lane and Lakefield Cloes.  I first started gathering information on theis path in 2003.  Still got there in the end.  This will enable CBC or TPC to improve the surfacing, which was the original trigger!

Edited OpenStreetMap.org to add the local rights of way and a variety of other local features.  OpenStreetMap is crowd based mapping data used by many internet applications.  Corrected some incorrect status which has wrongly encoraged cyclists through Chalgrave Manor

Apr 2017

Some vegatation clearance on TOD FP8 just beyond Alma farm, together with refixing a waymark post

With Michelle from CBC walked all the rights of way impacted by the A5-M1 link road.  All the affected rights of way are open and usable.  There a few ‘snagging’ issues to be resolved but interesting walk before any traffic noise.  Opens up some interesting new bridleways and the new Toucan crossing enables safer crossing of the A5120 (soon to be B5120).

Continued clearance of vegatation on TOD FP42.  Replaced another broken deck board

Mar 2017

Continued the clearance of encroaching vegetation on TOD FP42, the footpath east of Griffin farm.

Feb 2017

Replaced deck board on TOD FP42 east of Griffin farm, another one still needs doing so be careful.  Also started cutting back the hedge going down the hill towards the bridleway.

The Chalton parish path through the sewage works is due to be temporary closed for the next couple of months.  More details on CBC site (look for Chalton footpath 46)

Network Rail have replaced the fencing beside the railway on the Toddington parish boundary.  This will enable improvement to the surface

Completed the cutting back of the Chalgrave bridleway beside the golf course.  As the spring arrives it will grow again, but hopefully the users will keep the surface clear.  While doing the work I was pleased to see the number of walkers and horse riders using the path.

Jan 2017

Walked down to the new A5-M1 link road.  The bridges at A5120 and Thorn farm are just about usable.  In a couple of weeks they will be properly open soon.

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