Toddington Multi-Access Forum

Current Focus

We are currently focusing on:

  • Reviewing the lost ways in Toddington and surrounds which need to be claimed by 2026
  • Reviewing what changes we would like to see to improve the local rights of way – an aspirational map has been prepared
    • Click on links for the eastern and western maps of Toddington (key to map: Green=existing bridleway, Yellow=quiet road, Red=aspirational riding route, Red dotted = actual aspirational riding route not clear)
    • The top three aspiration priorities have been agreed as:
      • Thorn farm, Houghton Regis
      • Harlington to Chalton beside the railway
      • The M1 to lodge farm, to Park Road, to The Lane in Tebworth
    • The work to date was presented to the Joint Local Access Forum (JLAF)
  • Preparing a response to several planning applications, including:
  • Considering Proposed changes to the Public Rights of Way (PRoW) network

Terms of Reference

We work together to create a joined up and safe network of Rights of Way around the local parishes to enable non-motorised users to have safe, accessible circular routes on bridleways, byways and quiet roads.

  1. The group is intended to be an open forum for discussions on how Rights of Way, especially off-road access, can be improved and its coverage increased and made safer for all non-motorised users including
    • Walkers (incl. dog walkers)
    • Cyclists
    • Riders
    • Carriage Drivers
  2. It will encourage inclusive behaviour from each of the user groups so that Rights of Way can be shared with courtesy and respect.
  3. The geography covered by the group includes Toddington and the neighbouring parishes of:
    • Chalgrave
    • Chalton
    • Harlington
    • Hockcliffe
    • Tingrith
    • Milton Bryan
    • Sundon
    • Houghton Regis (rural side)
    • Westoning
    • Battlesden
  4. The Forum will meet bi-monthly usually first Wednesday and consist of interested parties representing all user groups. The purpose of the group is to
    • Investigate opportunities for higher rights of way to be instigated on the Definitive Map
    • Publicise the aims of the group through local media
    • Review planning applications that may be opportunities or threats to rights of way
    • Work with landowners and developers for improvements to the Public Rights of Way network
    • Illicit support (including financial) from other local interested parties, including Central Bedfordshire Council, local Parish Councils, Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity and the Greensand Trust.