Grove Farm


In 2020, as a result of Covid-19, the owners of Grove farm, Houghton Regis (east of Lords Hill) created an new preferred route for the bridleway through their land. They are progressing this as a formal change. The proposed new route has some advantages in that it takes it away from the inhabited buildings, but it has a steep slope although this does give some impressive views across the valley. The definitive legal route is still formally accessible but the owners would prefer users to use the proposed route.

Informal Consultation (Jul 2021)

In July 2021 CBC have issued an informal consultation. The purpose of this consultation is to seek feedback from the community, prior to a formal consultation happening. It allows the applicant and the council to gain feedback prior to progressing a formal consultation. Anyone can respond to the consultation by 26th Aug 2021.

Photos (Nov & Dec 2020)

  • Grove farm gate on BW46 20201121