Fancott vegetation clearance

On the bridleway (TOD51) at Fancott the farmer flailed the hedge, took out the secondary hedge that was developing and the electric fence last week.

The Chiltern Society volunteers today tidied up the sides & did some extra strimming, got rid of several broken branches & trip hazards, swept the bridge and installed a new waymark post on TOD45 just to the north (old one nudged down by cows). Also did similar clearance work on TOD50 adjacent to the Fancott pub on south side of same field & cleared round various gates etc.

Also cut the hedge of the path (CHL46) by the sewage works.

Further work required to clear the tree fallen by the river Flit and CHL46. Contractor soon to improve the bridleway gate at the the roadside of TOD51.

TOD51 7th April 2021