Cutting back

Vegetation keeps trying to engulf our rights of way so there is a steady activity to keep the paths open. The hedgerow cutting tends to have to happen outside of the bird nesting season. So this was the focus this weekend.

The bridleway beside the golf club up to Chalgrave church (CHA25) is meant to be 5m wide. Over recent years we have spent many hours cutting back the encroaching vegetation. This also allows walkers to avoid some of the mud. We still have more to go!

On the path (TOD45) from Cowbridge beside the River Flit there is a section where blackthorn has grown. I have given this a ‘trim’ to try and keep the path a reasonable width. The section a little further along become much easier once it grow tall enough to block the light and become a tunnel – few years to go.

I also cut back some of the overhanging vegetation by the sewage works.

On the bridge across the river Flit (TOD47) I had a report that the lowest step (by my bag) had come loose. Not really surprising as it appeared to only be fixed by one screw. Now fixed it firmly with four screws.

More worryingly the recent work by the Internal Drainage Board (IDB) seems to have resulted in the bank giving way. Before long could loose the steps completely.