Paths which are not usable

Toddington RoW CBC map

There are several paths on the Definitive Map which are legal rights of way but in practice are not usable. They will eventually lead to formal changes.

TODA3 – a section of path between Alma farm and Warmark farm is a dead end.  It also has a drafting problem which probably originates from a drafting error as it aligns with a boundary on the OS map.

TOD14/15/77 – there are multiple parallel paths in this field, two paths are normally marked out.

TOD21 – the path does not reach the Lodge farm or link with the other paths there, it actually doubles back and ends near Toddington Manor. It is a dead-end path. As a result, the field between Toddington Manor and Lodge farm is not routinely marked out.  It does make an interesting walk but please keep to the path and respect the privacy of the resident of Toddington Manor by keeping to the line of the path. Walking back up the hill Park Road is more challenging than walking down towards the Manor! See notice at Park Road.

TOD21 – short section by Park Road, through a paddock, which has been sold in recent years.  This path is not really used, the path on the field edge to the west is more accessible.

TOD27 – the path between Toddington Manor and Toddington Park is not connected to any other rights of way so only accessible from private land.

TOD30 – this path used to join with a now extinguished bridleway along Toddington Park drive, as a result it is now a dead end path.

TOD44 – part of the path runs down to the Bridleway, legally it continues on the eastern side of the road but is only a dead end so it is not made accessible.