Rights of Way network

Public Rights of Way (PRoW) are continually changing. Just like other highways there is a formal process to follow to change the Definitive Map (see home page) which can take years.

Changes in progress

The following changes are at various stages of development. If anyone has comments or evidence to support these changes then please contact me.

Battlesden boundary

This was formally lodged with Bedfordshire County Council in June 2006. It seeks to join the gap in the footpath network on the Toddington/Battlesden/Milton Bryant parish boundaries. See details under Battlesden on CBC website.

Westoning boundary

This was formally lodged with Bedfordshire County Council in April 2008. It seeks to upgrade the footpath to bridleway and to realign the route on the Toddington/Westoning parish boundary. See details under Westoning on CBC website.


The path through Stockwell farm house has not followed the legal line for many years. The used route includes one of the last stiles in Toddington which would be good to remove. The owners have proposed a slightly different alignment through the woodland and further away from the houses. This is now progressing and as of early 2021 has not received any formal objections, so should progress to a formal decision this year.


This (TOD58) has been an anomaly for many years. The Definitive Map shows the footpath running through the rear gardens of eight houses in Bradford Road. The 2019 proposal would take it out of all but a couple of gardens. It would resolve the legal anomaly that may cause difficulty for any of the eights houses to be sold. Alternative proposals to use the adjacent field edge were explored but rejected by the landowner. The 2019 proposals resulted in an unresolved objection, as a result the proposals were sent to the planning inspector in the summer of 2020 for determination. See details under Toddington on CBC website.

Grove Farm

In 2020 the owners of Grove farm, Houghton Regis (east of Lords Hill) created an new route for the bridleway through their land. They are progressing this as a formal change. The proposed new route has some advantages in that it takes it away from the inhabited buildings, but it has a steep slope which has some impressive views across the valley. The legal route is still formally accessible but the owners would prefer users to use the proposed route.

Paths which are not usable

There are several paths on the Definitive Map (see home page) which are legal rights of way but in practice are not usable. They will eventually lead to formal changes.

TODA3 – a section of path between Alma farm and Warmark farm is a dead end.  It also has a drafting problem which aligns with a boundary on the OS map.

TOD14/15/77 – there are multiple parallel paths in this field, two paths are normally marked out.

TOD21 – the path does not reach the Lodge farm or link with the other paths there, it actually doubles back and ends near Toddington Manor, as a result, the field between Toddington Manor and Lodge farm is not normally marked out.  See notice at Park Road.

TOD21 – short section by Park Road, through a paddock.  This path is not really used, the path on the field edge is accessible.

TOD27 – the path between Toddington Manor and Toddington Park is not connected to any other rights of way so only accessible from private land.

TOD30 – this path used to join with a now extinguished path, as a result it is a dead end path.

TOD44 – part of the path runs down to the Bridleway, legally it continues on the other side of the road but is only a dead end so it is not made accessible.