Improvement work

Crowbush bridleway

The new section of bridleway is being constructed. Clearing a gap through the hedge at the rear of the gardens by removing dumped rubbish and hedge plants. New garden fencing is in place – which sadly looks prone to vandalism. To see more of where and what this bridleway is about see the Crowbush section …

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Cutting back

Vegetation keeps trying to engulf our rights of way so there is a steady activity to keep the paths open. The hedgerow cutting tends to have to happen outside of the bird nesting season. So this was the focus this weekend. The bridleway beside the golf club up to Chalgrave church (CHA25) is meant to …

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Toddington Manor WMP

The team at Toddington Manor have installed three waymark posts on the dead-end footpath (TOD21) toward [but not reaching] Lodge farm – thanks. I added discs today and then picked up litter that seems to appear on footpaths, particularly plastic bottles, please take your own litter home don’t leave it for the rest of us …

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Chalton Waymark Post

With the help of Tom Hose we replaced the missing waymark post near Common Farm today (CHL4). The cross field path (CHL3) is still obstructed by a fence, this has been reported to CBC again. Yesterday did some cutting adjacent to Chalgrave church continuing to keep the brambles at bay!

More clearance

Something of a workout today – gloves, scythe and loppers and lots of nettles with encroaching vegetation. Pleased I started early before it got too hot. On the route from Lodge farm towards Toddington (TOD25). Part of the Lodge farm walk. The trigger was that next week part of the Bedfordshire walking festival will use …

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Battlesden tasks

A bit more tidying up in Battlesden today. Replaced the broken finger arm by the church on BAT1. Could not fix the post at a strange angle Waymarking at the junction of BAT3 & BAT4 Clearing the gap where BAT4 emerges onto Hockliffe road. Tried to refix the finger arm, but the hedge cutter had …

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